At Everbest Import and Export Services, we specialize in commodity sourcing and supply between the developing and the developed worlds. Our corporate research shows big trade inter-dependency between the developed countries of the world and the third world nations. Most of the time, developed economiesare in high demand of raw materials, agricultural produce and solid mineralsfrom developing economies. In turn developing economies depends on the developed world for finished products, machines, tools and technology.

Our import and export services are based on the understanding of this mutual philosophy or better called economic symbiosis among comity of nations.

We simply bridge the trade-gap in the world of commerce.


At EVERBEST INT’L PLC Contracting and Supplies, we pride ourselves in our capacity and ability to consistently deliver exceptional, on-time business results while maintaining excellent customer service, unparalleled client communication, and competitive prices. We are seriously carving a niche and building an unparalleled history of client satisfaction. We uphold best client relationship as we steadily expand and relentlessly explore new grounds in general contracting and supplies industries.

We stand committed to best practices, excellence, guided and deeply rooted in our corporate covenant, to providing quality services, project execution and product supplies, to our clients. It is the devotion of Everbest Int’l Plc to be the best among leading contracting companies in the market. 

To this end, we at Everbest continually invest in; quality research, technology, proactive and talented people. We are endeavoring at all time to satisfy our client expectations.

We assist foreign companies to establish their businesses in African countries and also assist local companies in Africa to establish businesses in foreign countries. We simply bridge the gap in the world of business.


EVERBEST INT’L PLC supports bilateral and multilateral organizations with market entry and business development activities into multiple geographies. Our business facilitation services ranges from; business-based ethnographic survey,comprehensive market research and analysis, franchising and brokerage facilitation, human resource, firm setup and operation assistance, legal, immigration, and documentation assistance.

For entry into a new geography, EVEREBST INT’L PLC takes care of required local financial, operational, legal and human resource compliance. We poise our client on the better side of laws, rules and regulations in their intent market

EVERBEST INT’L PLC provides end-to-end practical support, helping organizations identify market opportunities, develop news sales leads and local partners, hire staff and build stable operations and assist to efficiently run global and/or foreignbusiness locally.


We assist nationals across the globe in real estate investment. EVERBEST INT’L PLC brokers property procurement between property investors all over the world. We represent prospective property investors in negotiating and real estate deals, ensuring our customers get the best value for their investment(s).

We facilitate buying of lands, homes and apartments for Africans investing in foreign countries, and vice versa. In this bid, we provide adequate investment research and prospection advisory for intending investors in the real estate industry.

We work with reliable realtors and land lairds to facilitate land banking and house flipping, for prospective real estate investors.

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